Monday, June 7, 2010

photoshop - Workflow

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Workflow Stage 3

Basic Image Workflow

Now that the image is saved as a .tiff or JPEG, we can begin the workflow process. Some digital files appear slightly foggy or couldy, they look like they need some punch. For this we use a step called De-Fog.

Any adjustment to an image should be created on an adjustment layer - Layer/Adjustment Layer. This lets you go back and re-adjust any adjustment you have created.

Although we don't use this method because our workflow is so repetitious and simplified, I had to put a small blurb about adjust-ment layers. (and this was it)..


Compliments of Steve Berger
Amount 20, Radius 60

This little step removes the cloudiness from the image. You can perform this at anytime, but I prefer to do it the very first step. Although you are using the Unsharp Mask now, you still sharpen your image at the end of the workflow..

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