Monday, June 7, 2010

photoshop - Workflow Stage 3

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Workflow Stage 3

Basic Image Workflow

Ok, now comes the first steps of our basic workflow. Open your image in Photoshop: File/Open. Now, sometimes you will get a pop-up message like this..
Just goto FILE/SAVE AS. Under format scroll down to TIFF. Keep the Image compression to None.

Nowadays we only save as JPEGS. There is no visual loss, and even when compared to RAW files, there is no visual difference between the two files. We also use JPGs top save time, not onl in workflow, but in file ftp time to the lab.

I like to put source after the file names. This will now be my source image. This image will be completely finished (color balanced, retouched), but not cropped and sharpened. With this source file I can go back and crop any size I wish, any time, at any date in the future. This method of naming your file will keep things coordinated.

photoshop - Workflow

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