Monday, June 7, 2010

Photography Tutorials - Card Readers

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Card Readers

There are many different brands of card readers, but basically they all do the same thing-read data off the card and bring it to you computer. Some only read flashcards and microdrives, others will read a variety of cards, drives, and memory sticks. SD cards are very popular, and although very small, are very reliable.

The standard card reader.

Multiple card reader. Will read standard flashcards & microdrives, also memory sticks and smart media cards.

PC Flashcard adapter. This allows photographers that are using a laptop to download their images from the card. You must have a PC Adapter slot to utilize this device.

Most card readers (with exception of the flashcard adapter) are USB connected and are simply a plug & play device. You might have to install the software that comes with these devices.

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