Monday, June 7, 2010

Photography Tutorials - Storage Media

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Storage Media
When it comes to storage media for digtial cameras, there are a few possible choices. This all depends on what type of DSLR you are using.

The most common storage media is the flashcard and microdrive.

The Flashcard is about the size of a matchbox. There are no moving parts wich is more effecient on battery power and you don't lose information when you turn the power off. Personally, we use flashcards (125/256mb) exclusively with no problems.

Of course these are the card sizes we started out with. Nowadays we use much larger cards, like the 1 GIG cards. Using larger cards could be risky since you are putting so much data on one single card. A little safer to "spread" out the data.

The microdrive is the same size as the flash card, and has a physical moving drive. The microdrive offers large storage capacity for a lower price. We do not use these at all. We had one crap out on us the first time we used it and that was enough to scare us off these cards.

We try to use several cards during a wedding, that way we spread our images out among the cards, just like you would if you were shooting film.

It is very critical to keep a close eye on your cards. Losing them is like loosing your rolls of film (remember that stuff??)

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