Monday, June 7, 2010

photography - Monitor Calibration Workflow

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Monitor Calibration
 It is essential to your workflow to have some control over calibration. The goal is consistency from what you see on your monitor to what your output ultimately is (lab/printer)..

There are 2 ways to calibrate your monitor.

1. The eyeball technique which is a crude method and is not 100% reliable, but if your careful you can work with it.

First you will have to get a target print and file from you lab. You must save this file onto your harddrive. Open this file up in Photoshop and minimize the window.
 Then, open up your control panel and double click the Adobe Gamma Icon. Here you can adjust the red, green, blue and by clicking on view single Gamma you can adjust the contrast. Match the monitor with the target print as closely as possible.

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