Monday, June 7, 2010

photography - Color Space

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Workflow Stage 2

Color Space
Before we open an image into photoshop, you want to change the working space in photoshop to RGB Adobe 1998 (1998). You can do this going to (in photoshops top menu) EDIT/COLORSETTINGS.
In the RGB menu scroll down and select Adobe RGB(1998).

This will avoid profile pop-up windows when opening files into photoshop. These occur if you are shooting in sRGB. If you do receive a pop-up window, choose the selection: Assign Working RGB.
 We do recommend shooting in Adobe RGB if you camera allows you to.

Most cameras do nowadays. Adobe 98 is a larger space (sort of like a larger box of crayons, more colors....). If you work in sRBG, you can keep the space as such in Photoshop.

If you shoot in Adobe 98 and your lab prints in sRBG (smaller color space), then simple go to Image/Mode in photoshop, and assign (switch) to the output (lab) space that you require.

You will find that when you go from Adobe 98 (RGB) to sRGB, you will loose some color. Simply add a little more saturation in photoshop whenever you switch color spaces. This will improve things for you, and you will be hard pressed to see any big difference, we though you are throwing out some color information, assuming the lab does and excellent job with their printers.
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