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photography - Camera White Balance

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Camera White Balance

Custom White Balance
With digital cameras you are now in control of your white balance. DSLR's have several "preset" white-blances like sun, cloud, shade, tungsten, auto.... But you also have the option to create a "custom white blance". This will ensure accurate whites and a "cast free" image- in other words, no color cast or light contamination. This is a good idea when you want accurate and consistent color capture, such as in a studio situation or on a commercial job.

To create a custom white balance you will need something pure white. A piece of white card stock or a bristol board will do. You could also use a Kodak greay card or similar.

Use your meter (or your camera's meter) to determine the exposure. Take a single full-frame image of thecard. Don't worry what white balance your camera is set to for this step. Verify the exposure in your histogram.
In your cameras main menu choose the Custom WB setting. Your LCD will now display all the images that are on that card.
 Your camera may capture custom white balance in a different way, but the idea is the same, and it is a good idea to know how to create your own custom white balance when and where needed.

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