Monday, June 7, 2010

photography - Calibrating Your Camera

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Calibrating Your Camera

Verifying ISO
Before you head out and shoot that big gig with your new camera, you should first check to see that it is calibrated correctly. Some cameras underexpose and some cameras overexpose. How do you know that when your camera is set to 100 ISO that it's really exposing for 100 ISO? This simple test will verify that your camera is recording exposure properly.
Things you need:

- Greycard
- Flashmeter
- Light (studio, sunlight....)
First thing you need to do is capture an image of a greycard. For this example we will use a studio flash bounced into an umbrella. Using your flashmeter set the ISO to 100 (or whatever your cameras lowest ISO is). We want a flash output of F8 reading on the greycard. Get this as accurate as possible, not F8.3 or F5.62.

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