Monday, June 14, 2010

How to Get Better Cell Phone Reception

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We’ll show you how to get better cell phone reception and ways to increase your cell phone signal strength so you can stop running around looking for that extra bar when there are easier ways to improve your reception.

Good cell phone reception is more important than ever with so many people using their cell phones as their only phone. Even at home mobile phones are replacing land lines. We outline some steps you can take to avoid the frustration of dropped calls and add more bars to your signal no matter where you are.

step 1
Establish what is causing your poor signal. There are many factors that play into your phones reception. Your carrier, phone, house and geographical location all play a part in determining your signal strength. Try to narrow it down to which one is causing you the most trouble.

step 2
Move to a better location. If you have strong reception outside your building but poor reception inside then it’s likely the layout of the building and not your coverage. Try moving to another location in the building or go outside as walls, metal roofing, and other electronics can cause interference. Keep in mind that tall buildings, trees, hills and large bodies of water all hurt phone reception, so if possible move to a better location such as an intersection if you’re downtown or a higher elevation in a rural area.

step 3
Check your battery charge. When batteries get low they often have enough power to make calls but lack the power to search for good reception.

step 4
See if you’re in a dead spot. Mobiledia has a Web page dedicated to reporting dead spots, search to see if your location has caused others trouble.

step 5
Install a repeater. Wireless signal repeaters can boost your reception at home or in your car and can improve reception for multiple phones at the same time. Repeaters reduce the negative effects your building or vehicle structures may have on your signal.

step 6
Get a booster. Cell phone boosters can increase your phones output to three watts as opposed to the standard 1/3 of a watt that most phone put out.

step 7
Change networks. Check out to find out which carrier has the best coverage in your area. Networks use different frequencies and cell phone towers so if your reception is bad with one that doesn’t mean it won’t improve with another.

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