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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Car Insurance

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Every state requires automobile liability insurance. You generally must show proof of having liability insurance in order to register your vehicle or renew your tags, and many states require that you present proof of insurance if you are stopped for any moving violation. Liability insurance pays your legal defense costs and any successful claims against you if cause injury or death to another individual or damage to property while you are driving. Liability insurance is attached to a particular vehicle, not an individual, meaning that it also pays if someone else driving your car with your permission causes such bodily harm of property damage. Liability insurance does NOT cover your own medical or repair expenses if you are injured or if you vehicle is damaged in an accident.

There are other types of insurance coverage that you may be interested in even though your state may not require it.

Personal injury protection pays for your medical expenses if you or someone riding with you are injured in an accident. It also pays for your medical expenses if you are injured while a passenger riding in someone else’s car.

Uninsured motorist insurance pays for costs related to personal injury to you and your passengers or damage to your vehicle if you are involved in an accident with someone who does not have insurance.

Collision insurance pays for damage to your own vehicle if you are involved in an accident regardless of who was responsible for the accident.

Comprehensive insurance pays for damage to your vehicle resulting from non-accident-related events such as hail, vandalism, fire or theft. If your vehicle is financed it is almost certain that your finance company will require that you carry collision and comprehensive insurance until your loan has been paid off.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Auto Insurance Comparisons

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Think of Auto Insurance Comparisons

Auto insurance comparisons may seem like quite a hassle, but is very important for several reasons. First let’s look at what parts of the coverage you should compare. Each insurance company offers most of the same coverage but there are some different benefits involved with each company. Start by comparing the basics, and break it down part by part. For example the liability and deductible. Ask questions about the different levels of liability and deductibles from each company. Once you have found what level of liability and deductible is sufficient for you start checking the limits of the benefits. Each company will have different benefits.

Payment for a chipped windshield that’s repaired instead of replaced; the deductible may also be waived, rental car use while your vehicle is in repair and several others. It is beneficial to check these benefits in order to determine what best suits your lifestyle and budget. Even if it’s a few dollars more for a policy that covers the rental car during repairs, it’s worth it because if something should happen you won’t have to worry about how you are going to get to work and take the kids to soccer practice. Have your insurance agent print out all the information pertaining to the insurance quote so that you may review and study it easier. Get the highlighter out and start marking your papers with the advantages of each policy.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Car Insurance Premiums

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Factors that Affect Car Insurance Premiums

Car insurance is very important, although some people may take it for granted and think they can save some money by not having it for their vehicle. While this is true on the surface, when something happens like a motor accident, one who has not bothered to get insurance coverage for his car will find his problems further compounded. He will be spending much more money for the repairs of his car out of his own pocket rather than letting his insurance company foot the bills from the premiums should have been paying. Additionally, most states that have stiff penalties for vehicles without the required insurance coverage.
It is best, therefore, to follow the rules regarding car insurance requirements instead of trying to go around regulations. Additionally, the premium costs can be very reasonable – even cheap – depending on what kind of car user you are.

If you are young, especially between the ages of 18 and 25 years old, you will likely be paying a higher premium. Drivers in this age bracket are considered higher insurance risks, so they are charged higher car insurance rates accordingly. And if you happen to have a record of past violations on the road, the more is there a need that you have to address them in the premiums to be paid. The firms giving you the coverage will examine all these factors in your record as a car driver. As such, you must be careful not to commit more misdemeanors on the road if you want to have an improved driving history and, eventually, lower insurance rates.
Female drivers, on the other hand, are generally considered by insurance companies to be safer drivers than males because research shows they are generally more careful in their driving habits. This means that often women are afforded cheaper insurance rates than their male counterparts.

Help Control Your Car Insurance Rate

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Ways to Help Control Your Car Insurance Rate

The largest and most important factor that decides your auto insurance rate is you, the insurance holder. Things such as your age, education, and driving and accident record effect your rates the most. You cannot control your age though and changing your educational level to help your insurance rates is not all that practical. A lot of people though have excellent driving records, so what can they do? Before you begin compare auto insurance rates. Anyone can lower their rates even more by taking a defensive driving class. Most think these classes are punishment for people involved in accidents but it isn’t true. Defensive driving classes are beneficial to everyone. It’s like a refresher course in everything there is to know when it comes to driving. Taking one of these classes can save you up to 10% on your car insurance rates. It both makes you safer and saves you money and that’s money you could spend on gas.

An easy way to keep your car insurance down is with the car you choose to own. A sensible, economically efficient car always keeps your insurance down. It isn’t necessary to have a supercharged convertible sports car or an SUV that guzzles gas and sits two stories tall. Fancy cars come with a price on top of their ticket price and that’s higher insurance rates. But don’t expect your rates to be low because your car is inexpensive. Rates aren’t set according to the value of your car. Instead it’s set according to safety and repair costs. The insurance company is responsible for covering the damages to your car, so if your car is costly to repair, it will be costly to insure.

Automotive Insurance Quote

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Automotive Insurance Quote
It may be very very frustrating and time consuming to get an auto insurance quote. The time factor alone forces people to sign up with the 1st insurance company they find because it takes so long to decide what best suits your needs. A better option to get the right quote and save time is to shop around online.

If you consult local yellow pages you may find rather a short list of companies, but it doesn’t necessarily means that your search will be limited to only these insurance companies. This means that they have paid to your yellow pages to advertise there. You should first go online and search there for companies you may use. There are plenty of companies online providing free quotes.

It’s important to compare as many quotes as possible in order to get the best deal for a policy. It is required by law to carry car insurance, so you should just get the best price for it. Even though you may have a clean driving record or rarely ever drive you still should have a policy. By comparing various coverage options through various insurance companies online you can be sure that you are getting the lowest rate possible.

If you choose to call insurance companies directly for quotes it can turn into frustrating phone tag and you will have to spend a few hours of your time. Be prepared to wait on hold for upwards of 20 minutes to get transferred to another person or department and even be cut off, and you must provide your information every time you contact a new company. When getting online quotes for your car insurance you can save a lot of time by having multiple companies competing for you. Besides, you will only have to submit your information once to obtain quotes from many different insurance companies.